Gaudí o el clamor de la piedra - Gastón Segura

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Antonio Gaudí is, without a doubt, the most famous Spanish architect in the world and, as it happens sometimes, much more valued abroad that in his own country. The creative genius of this universal Catalonian left an exuberant, luminous work, full of formal fantasy but also sharp structural inventiveness and extreme constructive rigour. His works, very famous, attract thousands of visitors. Buildings such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Güell Park, Milá house (the Pedrera), Batlló house or the Capricho de Comillas are still capable of enchanting, or even moving people of different class and condition. The fistful of pages that compose this volume are a enjoyable and sagacious inquiry about the obscure and zealous motives that drove Gaudí during that fascinating period of fin-de-siècle, to work with mystic tenacity until he erected buildings whose personal signature makes them , even today, unmistakable.

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