Energy Savings in Building Design - VV.AA. [Bilingual Edition]

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Saving energy is nothing more than reducing energy consumption by achieving the same results as by spending more. Reducing energy costs brings many benefits, saving money and protecting the environment.

Furthermore, both the energy production and the way it is used, generate an environmental impact at all levels, threatening the development in the future. The abundance of energy and the lack of awareness of the impact of its use on the environment have facilitated, on the one hand, human, commercial and industrial activities of intensive and inefficient consumption of energy and on the other hand, the uncontrolled growth of cities, which are today pure energy econsuming machines, producing huge amounts of waste and devouring the natural environment.

This book presents solutions to achieve energy savings from the point of view of the design of electrical, air conditioning, heating and lighting installations, as well as actions which can be developed by the user to obtain savings in the electricity bill. Thus, this training manual is perfectly organized and it is written in a clear and simple language, showing the essential physical and mathematical content.

In addition, the book provides a lot of useful information in tables, schemes, abacuses, plans and references to current standards. It is noted that the book is published in both Spanish and English thus; particular care has been taken to use appropriate technical vocabulary in both languages. The mastery of the accurate terminology in the field of mechanical systems will allow the reader to collaborate with international teams and to integrate into them, fact which is increasing every day.

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