Air-Conditioning Systems in Building Design - AA.VV. [Bilingual Edition]

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The current manual has been raised as a supporting guide for both students and professionals interested in the calculation and design of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings. This document, developed by a multidisciplinary group integrated by engineers and architects, shows and explains the design principles of air-conditioning systems by means of numerous detailed and clear practical cases.

The basic notions about psychrometry and the thermodynamic processes which allow to modify the characteristics of the airflow are explained in the first chapter. Next, the second chapter focuses on the calculation required for the design of air ducts, which are necessary to determine the head looses and gains of energy along the whole network. The constant-linear-decay method and the concept of static recovery, that can be easily understood thanks to the practical examples contained in this section, are also explained. The factors affecting the indoor air quality, related to the comfort in buildings and determined by both the outdoor air and the indoor conditions (activities, furniture, building materials) are analyzed along the third chapter. The fourth chapter deals with the application of the C.T.E.-D.B.-H.S.3 regulation about indoor air quality in dwellings; this section is updated to the last version of the B.O.E., the number 149 of the year 2017. The passive strategies which can be used to provide indoor ventilation are explained along the fifth chapter.

 Finally, it is important to note that the value of this document is improved thanks to the fact that the information contained on it is translated into two languages, Spanish and English. The choice of the technical vocabulary used has been made especially carefully in both of them so that the reader can use it to access to other international information sources.

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