Acoustincs in Building Design - VV.AA. [Bilingual Edition]

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Acoustics is the science of sound. It deals with the production of sound, the propagation of sound from the source to the receiver, and the detection and perception of sound.

The first section of this book provides an overview of the fundamental concepts needed for an understanding of physical acoustics. W.C. Sabine’s work and his equation has become the starting point for acoustic calculations for over a century.

Section 2 summarizes and explains key concepts of building acoustics. These issues include the behavior of sound waves in rooms, the most commonly used parameters for sound control and sound insulation in buildings and the most common noise sources found in buildings.

The third section deals specifically with concepts, tools, and architectural variables of importance when designing auditoria for speech and music. Rooms for speech should be designed to avoid the need for the speaker to raise the voice. Every type of music has specific geometries and materials that support the audience’s experience.

The fourth section deals with construction details, sound insulation data and information presented in Spanish Building Code DB CTE HR. Architects and engineers can use the information to design feasible solutions to comply with comfort requirements.

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