Electrical Installations in Building Design - AA.VV. [Bilingual Edition]

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This manual on electrical installations is intended for students and technicians. Its contents are broken down into different sections, i.e., fundamentals in electricity, electrical installations in buildings, design and calculation of feedlines, grounding, and spaces intended for electrical installations. The first chapter provides the reader with the basic concepts relevant to electrical installations. All the physical phenomena described within improve the reader’s knowledge on the quantities and units used in electrical installations.

This technical book also presents the reader with a deeper understanding of electrical installations in a visual and didactic way. Definitions of the Power Supply Feedline, the General Feedline, the Branch Circuit Feedlines, the Housing Circuits, and the Meter Room are provided herein. Their protection devices are also included, such as the General Protection Box and the General Protection Interrupters Switchboard, also known as the panelboard, in order to guarantee the access to power under reliable and safe conditions. The reader is trained to achieve the indispensable skills to optimally dimension every feedline as per the Spanish Electrotechnical Regulation of Low-Voltage Installations.

Since building design is somehow influenced by an in-depth understanding of the different parts of an electrical installation, one of the most frequently-asked questions in building construction is relevant to the spaces which must be reserved for installing an electrical circuit. This work is intended to answer such question in a simple and useful way by providing the designer with plenty of references according to the recommendations made by the utility companies.

It should be remarked that the book is issued both in Spanish and English. Special attention is paid to the technical vocabulary in order to facilitate collaboration and integration between international work teams.


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