Physical Fundamentals in Building Systems - VV.AA. [Bilingual edition]

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This manual on the physical fundamentals in building systems is aimed primarily at students of Architecture and Engineering. Its contents are broken down into four different sections, i.e., dimensional analysis, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and electricity. Dimensional analysis is a powerful tool which is applicable to every area of building systems. The concepts regarding heat transfer can be considered the starting point for the calculation of HVAC systems in building design. 

Similarly, the concepts pertaining to fluid mechanics can be considered the starting point for the calculation of hydraulic systems in building design, including plumbing and sewage systems. Finally, the concepts relevant to electricity can be considered the starting point for electrical and lighting systems. Therefore, this document details the principles of building systems by means of a set of organized practical cases written in a clear language which shows the essential physical and mathematical contents. The handbook presents the reader with a deeper understanding of the physical fundamentals required to master building systems in a visual and didactic way.

The authors of this manual are a multidisciplinary group consisting of several engineers and architects who have delved into the first steps of building systems relating with their physical fundamentals. All the physical phenomena described within improve the reader’s knowledge on the quantities and units used in building systems. 

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