ESPACIOS PARA LA ENSEÑANZA 3. Arquitecturas docentes de 6 arquitectos españoles - VV.AA.

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For three years we have studied all the documents that, related to educational architecture, are kept in the personal archives of six of the main Spanish architects: Miguel Fisac, Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza, Julio Cano Lasso, Fernando Higueras, Rafael Moneo and Alberto Campo Baeza. The information found, once analysed, has allowed us to put at the disposal of the scientific community, and the interested public in general, valuable documentation composed by twenty essays and critic analysis on educational architecture at a general level as well as particular, more than 130 unpublished plans and sketches and, approximately one hundred analytic drawings drawn for the occasion with which we analyse the context and the original references as well as the evolution of the buildings through time and its current validity. Finally, we have broaden the sphere of our project by incorporating an exhaustive research on the use of ceramic on the part of the studied architects and the results are included in this third volume.

Our work concludes with some reflections on the present state of the buildings that we considered more representative in the first phase of the research, as well as on the role that, as models of reference, they can play in the new educational architecture of the twenty first century. Although it is true that some buildings have been luckier than others, all of them are still examples of a very high architectonic level which any researcher or planner who works in this sphere should know.

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