ESPACIOS PARA LA ENSEÑANZA 1. Arquitecturas docentes de 6 arquitectos españoles - VV.AA.

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The book broaches the study of projects that, within the educational sphere, were developed by some of the best Spanish architects of the second half of the twentieth century. An introductory article examines the main international models, theoretical as well as built, that may have possibly served as guide for the selected Spanish architects.

Under this perspective with global vision are analysed the contributions of Miguel Fisac, Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, Julio Cano Lasso, Fernando Higueras, Rafael Moneo and Alberto Campo Baeza to the educational architecture in Spain. This book revises from the first modernization meant by Fisac’s Institutos Laborales to the international recognition of Moneo’s American schools, and goes through quite interesting experiences such as the ‘educational uterus’ of Batán de Oiza’s schools, the clear syntax of the professional educational centres of Cano Lasso, the active progressivism of the Estudio school and the subsequent proposals by Higueras or the schools with the essential geometries of pure volumes of Campo Baeza.

Panels of the contest for Institutos Laborales by Miguel Fisac (unpublished) and foldout with plans at scale.


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