ESPACIOS PARA LA ENSEÑANZA 2. Arquitecturas docentes de 6 arquitectos españoles - VV.AA.

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As we disclosed in the previous publication, the objective of this research is the study of all those documents, mostly unpublished, which are kept in the archives of some of the main protagonists of contemporary Spanish architecture in relation to educational architecture. The architects who occupy us are Miguel Fisac, Francisco Javier Saénz de Oíza, Julio Cano Lasso, Fernando Higueras, Rafael Moneo and Alberto Campo Baeza and with the documents that have been found we are able to put at the disposal of the scientific community, and the interested public in general, a valuable material which could be the solid basis for future researches, in this field of architecture for educational purposes as well as the general work of our masters or the period they represent.

In this second phase that we publish now we have focused in the project processes of those works that we have consider representative of the thinking as well as how the authors worked. in this phase we have found numerous plans, photographs and texts, unpublished till now, many of which we present in this book.

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