Publish with us

At Ediciones Asimétricas we are delighted to receive new manuscript proposals. We always strive to work with rigour and quality in the titles we publish. 
For this reason, all the works we receive go through a prior evaluation process. Below is a list of the basic material we will need for this initial assessment: 

Full manuscript of the work (in PDF format).  

Report (in PDF format) with the characteristics of the book/text: summary of the content, table of contents, characteristics of the text (research, essay, etc.), possible target audience, key points of interest, number of pages, number of images, reproduction rights, possible collaborations with Universities or different institutions and everything you can tell us about your project. 

Brief CV of the author(s) (editors, coordinators, managers, etc.) (in PDF format). 

Once the evaluation has been passed, we will make an editorial proposal for adaptation in one of our collections, reviewing the content, approach, design, economic valuation, etc. 

We would like to point out that Doctoral Thesis or research works (TFG's, TFM's, Proceedings, etc.) must always go through a process of editorial transformation, avoiding their original academic format, so that the approach is aimed at the new public.  
You can send us your proposal to the following email address: 
We are looking forward to hearing from you!