Arquitecturas de emergencia. Cuestiones pendientes - Juan Manuel Ros (coord.)

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As we know, Project Esfera started in 1997 on the part of the Red Cross and a group of NGOs to develop a set of minimum universal rules that would improve the quality of humanitarian response in case of conflict or disaster situations. Emergency architecture. Pending Questions tries to give a complementary vision to the philosophy of Project Esfera from the architectural design point of view and all the actions that intervene in it.

This work is defined and endorsed by the knowledgeable experience generated in the VEM Project by the research group REbirth INhabit at the Escuela Politécnica Superior of the CEU San Pablo University, and during the activities developed for the creation of emergency housing prototypes, which has to fulfill an emergency program as well as a correct socio-cultural adaptation of refugee camps to the reception places. The VEM Project is a research project applied to sustainable social emergency habitability in the field of humanitarian help.

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