From Scattered Fragments - Susana Velasco

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Between the living and places, between gestures and landscapes; this book analyses, practices and affirms an architecture that is an encounter between bodies and territory. The five architectural forms gathered by Susana Velasco share the same quest: How can the action of building make the profound interdependence of everything that surrounds and shapes us visible. How to overecome material disconnection with the world and commit ourselves as bodies that say and do. What are the intermediate and habitable scales where life can take place in company?

This book is published on occasion of the exhibition From Scattered Fragments that took place at musac, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León in 2017.

Susana Velasco is an architect, teacher and researcher. She founded the artistic collective Luddotek with Rafael Sánchez-Mateos in 2004 and in 2010 the collective Cunctatio, showing their works in all kinds of contexts or institutions such as Campoadentro, Urbanacción or Documenta X. She currently participates in the artistic and pedagogical experimentation platform Traverses et Inattendus in La Chapelle-Faucher. The search for the aesthetic involvement of bodies in the medium through the constructive gesture is a central aspect of her work, which she in turn translates to the learning space at the School of Architecture in Madrid - etsam, where she is professor of Graphic Ideation.

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