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"There is no rush in Sintes’s images. Even the old man feeding the pigeons seems to have all the time in the world". Magdalena Tirado (Writer)

"Amid blacks and whites, Sintes reveals his Lisbon to us: one that seems like “La Rodrigues”. A Lisbon recognised by all which, however, tastes special. Yes, taste. His work is not seen, it is rather chewed, heard, remembered… and it has the virtue of transporting the observer to the most humble neighbourhoods, to the less common places and the less past times. A past present, a failed technicolour and “a sewing machine of sorrows, as “La Rodrigues” would say. This is Sintes’ Lisbon". Beatriz Alonso (Journalist)

"Miguel Angel is shy; his photographic geography is already ample. He has conveyed his knowledge in many exhibitions; he has won numerous prizes and has silently found his own way. I remember with admiration the El País prize-winner that presented us an everlasting image of what Spain was in 1995. Sintes showed us the streets where the outlines that make us imagine, have a feeling beyond what is photographed. He captures nostalgia, like a reporter who wanders among the stone pavements, walls and amusements, observing life with the plenitude of someone who waits. Sintes manages to transmit the impression of a farewell, a hope or an encounter". José Luis Miranda Cruz (Poet, Professor of Spanish Language and Literature)

"His photographs seem real, they transmit truthfulness. The photographer directs his view with a great intimate charge. He does not have one subject only, as he portrays people in the street as well as daily scenes or landscapes. The difference is made by his sensitivity, which transmits closeness". Concha Alcántara (Diario Menorca)

Miguel Angel Sintes Puertas is a photographer of intimate features who still processes his photographs with photochemical procedures. He carries out the whole process (shooting, developing and printing) entirely by himself. In the book enCLAVEdePortugal he discovers the Lisbon he dreamt in his youth, a noble Lisbon, melancholic and grey like all those decadent metropolises far from a past splendour.

Magdalena Tirado is a writer and lecturer. She writes novels, short stories, literary columns and poems. At present, she is a lecturer at the Escuela de Escritores de Madrid. Her first novel, Los que lloran solos, was finalist in the Juan Pablo Forner contest in 2002. With El corazón de las estatuas (2007) she achieved the consolidation of her personal novelistic view. She has published short stories in several anthologies and her short story Lisboa was finalist in the Mario Vargas Llosa contest – NH in 2001.


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