El espacio arquitectónico o el esplendor de la belleza - Félix Ruiz de la Puerta

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Through these pages parade architects, painters and artists as diverse as Wright, Fujimoto, Borromini, Kuma, Zaera, Xiaogang, Hundertwaser, Hsiang, Monet, Kapoor, Vasarely, Oribe or Escher, and also things, objects and spaces as mysterious and suggestive as fleeting clouds, distorting mirrors, zen gardens, children’s play rooms, the false perspective of the Spada gallery or the resounding non-pluck strings of a sitar.

What could all this tumultuous welter of people and things have in common? All of them are connected by their different approaches to common subjects: the transitory, fugitive, unstable and indistinct. Thus, the author proposes the term phenotopology to create a concept that brings together phenomenology and topology, that is, the appearing of things to our understanding and the continuous space in which they meet.

Félix Ruiz de la Puerta is an expert in oriental art especially Chinese and Japanese, and his vast direct knowledge of these refined millenary cultures allows him to expound with clarity ideas alien to our occidental sensibility. Ideas that broaden our views on our own artistic universe, which help us to understand it in a deeper way and which allow us to relate it to our daily life, in the conviction that the most relevant products of the artistic work are inseparable from the holistic way their authors have of understanding life.

Valery said that shapeless forms do not leave any memory but that of a possibility. The recurrent construction of vision, the permanent expansion of sensibility, the eternal reference to human scale and the recognition of our body as indispensable mediator of the relation mind-world configure a new phenomenological beauty of unexpected pertinence in a reality ever more fluctuating.

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