Tropos. La naturaleza y sus metáforas. Carmela Alcolea - Mª Luisa Assens

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The shared interest of Carmela Alcolea and Mª Luisa Assens in the world of images and landscapes makes them to unify their paths and to give shape to this project, Tropos. Nature and its metaphors creating a dialogue between opposed ways of constructing. But, as two perpendicular lines share a point, their gazes participate in the same lived experience, of images they have travelled apprehending them, trying to isolate them conscious or unconsciously.

The photographic activity of Mª Luisa Assens is intimately related to travel, considering this as a process of estrangement from oneself, like the need of going far to discern, but also of leaving to come back. Paradoxically, in Carmen Alcolea’s images the simulation of virtual worlds which refer to a dialogue between illusion and nature is implicit.


Both are games which demonstrate that appearance and fantasy are determinant in the world of art.


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Concursos Sociales 2018-2019 - Real Sociedad Fotográfica Concursos Sociales 2018-2019 - Real Sociedad Fotográfica
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