Luz, sombra, ilusión - S.Bueno, J.M. Ros and J. Rojo

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Light, as visual energy and emotional perception inherent to architecture, necessary to optics and unifying thread of physics-mathematics, but above all, as a first need good for the development of contemporary societies, understood as transforming tool, has to be considered from the interdisciplinary cross cutting of knowledge. Light is presented as an opportunity to insist again about spatial qualities, its perceptive manifestation and its ordering principles from bordering areas which are supposedly divergent. Light, immanent presence of reality, talks to us in an expressive way about the poetic quality of space, about the visual miracle of contemplation and cosmic infinite, diverse scales of the scientific context of the same question, always redundant. Light, shade, illusion, indissoluble in their conception, proclaims the title of this book without any aspiration other than to think again about our own incomplete relationship with the truth. Light, shade, illusion, build a viable argument in which to capture only an instant of inspiration.

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