University without Credits - AA.VV. [S.Blasco, L.Insúa y A.Simón (eds.) - Com. de Madrid]

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This book is a work tool, ready for use in various different contexts, with the aim of proposing ways to shake up regulated artistic education, in particular at the university level. Running throughout it is the desire to bring back everything the public university can offer, without the rewarding of official “credits”. It comes from a pilot scheme in the UCM Fine Arts Faculty in Madrid, which was active between 2010 and 2014. We draw on our experiences in the workshops, meetings and debates that took place in La Trasera, a space for experimentation and open to people from many different contexts in the city, all keen to work together with the students.

Over thirty artists, critics and historians, cultural managers and people affiliated to the university, along with other professionals from the fields of culture and education, have participated in the making of this workbook. Their texts cross over with the story of what happened, and they help open up new perspectives, to inspire future research and work projects. 

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