Hydraulic Systems in Building Design - AA.VV. [Bilingual Edition]

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This manual has been conceived as an aid for both students and professionals, who deal with the design and calculation of hydraulic networks in buildings (plumbing, sanitation and heating), as it combines a concise statement of the fundamental theoretical principles with the development of case studies which are commonly found in practice. Thus, this training manual is perfectly organized and it is written in a clear and simple language, showing the essential physical and mathematical content.

The authors, a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, have both extensive professional experience and years of teaching in several schools of architecture. This dual condition allows them to know firsthand not only the main problems to be faced by designers in the hydraulic network project, but also the theoretical basis of formulas required for networks calculation and making them comprehensible. In addition, the book provides a lot of useful information in tables, schemes, abacuses, plans and references to current standards.

It is noted that the book is published in both Spanish and English thus; particular care has been taken to use appropriate technical vocabulary in both languages. The mastery of the accurate terminology in the field of hydraulic systems will allow the reader to collaborate with international teams and to integrate into them, fact which is increasing every day.

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