Religión Arte Pornografía - Ángel González García

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The book collects the essays Arte y religión: reparos a una componenda and Las risas de Pornos, reflections going against the exhibitions ‘El pan de los ángeles’ and ‘Las lágrimas de Eros’. Two essays, specular somehow, investigate the possibility of the existence of a religious art and a pornographic art.

Apparently irreducible, the formal manifestations of religion and pornography turn out to be a lot closer that we usually suppose. The beautiful, attractive, desirable, miraculous, the engendering power, carnality, spirituality, pleasure or pain and the ecstasy they can cause, are concepts that intertwine around the body (an inscription surface) and the psyche (a libidinal language).

From the tattooed bodies of the Russian prisoners, the author goes through several cases and artistic works with his usual erudition and at the same time with surprising originality and sense of humour, to come to the suspicion that the true art is incompatible, ultimately, with the genuine religious devotion as well as the scopic pornographic urgency.

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