Programme without credits in celebration mode - VV.AA. [S.Blasco, L.Insúa (eds.)- Com. Madrid]

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This book, in celebration mode, is a chronicle of things that happened in the Programme Without Credits at the Sala de Arte Joven of the Comunidad de Madrid, in its second edition (2017). It is also a choral extension, with many voices, of a shared feeling about the idea of celebrating what we know.

This publication confirms the need for research work to be based on practice and action, where working in community  is more than a sum of individualities. In order to activate  the group-based and shared condition of certain kinds of knowledge that are ideally interesting and disinterested —without credits—we posed the question about what to do by starting with ‘how’, a stimulus, a force or energy. We called it Celebration because we tried to invoke experiences that make the most of art’s potential for play, taking enjoyment and delight in the  astonishing; exploring and experimenting with materials, tools, and ways of naming all this.

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