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Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

In compliance with the provisions set forth by the Fundamental Law 15/1999, 13th December, of Personal Data Protection, in the moment that a client places the order, all personal data, address and method of payment are incorporated into our database, to be used exclusively to process the order and to send information about sales and services that can be of interest for our clients.

EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by our clients, and declares that it will not give this information to third parties.


Nevertheless, the clients of EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS will, at any time, be able to exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel or disagree, by informing us in writing on our email address



Please, read all the sections of the present legal warning and our privacy policy before using this Website. The following conditions are binding for any user.


In accordance to article 10 of Law 34/2002, 11th July, of services of the Information and Electronic Commerce Society, EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, S.L. (from now on EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS) with Tax Identification Code B85209138 and Registered office at C/ Cartagena 164, of. B , MADRID 28002, SPAIN, declares that it was established in the year 2007 by Public Deeds nº 3.276, before the Notary Public Mr. Valerio Pérez de Madrid y Palá, member of the Madrid Association of Notaries.


Registration in the Commercial Registry of Madrid in volume 24.481, document 201, section 8 and page nº M-440425, diary 2.140, entry 924.

EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS is a meeting space where books are part of our scenery, specialised in books related to Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning, Landscaping, Gardening, Design, Painting, Philosophy and subjects relative to these matters. We offer subscription services to Magazines, Bibliographic Search, Bookshops accounts, and sales to Libraries, Universities, Institutions, Architecture Studios and Companies.

EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, is the owner of the Internet Website “” (from now on, the PORTAL), through which provides varied professional services related to its activity.

The objective of the present document is to establish the general terms and conditions to use this PORTAL and the different services provided by EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS through it. The general terms and conditions must be accepted and abided by all the public, professionals and businesses (from now on the USER) who wish to use our services (present or future services that EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS may provide through this PORTAL).


The user is committed to use the PORTAL, its content and services provided, without contravening the current laws, the general accepted uses and public order. It is forbidden to use this Web with illicit or detrimental purposes to EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS or to a third party that can cause harm in any way or prevent the normal use of the PORTAL.

In relation to the contents (information, sound and/or image archives, photographs, designs and so on) it is forbidden:

- The use of this Web for any commercial or advertising purposes different from those strictly permitted.

- Its reproduction, distribution or modification without the authorization of its legit owners or unless it is legally permitted.

- Any infringement of NAOS rights or of the rights of its legit owners.


EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS can always change at its convenience, unilaterally and without previous notice the structure and design of the PORTAL, as well as modify or cancel the services and access conditions and/or the use of it.

The duration of the provision of the Web page service and the services themselves has an indefinite character and EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS reserves the right to interrupt, cancel or terminate the provision of the Web services or any other service that is part of it, in the same terms stated in the previous paragraph (unilateral modification).


Any "link" established between a Web page and the PORTAL of EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, will be subjected to the following conditions:

- The total or partial reproduction of any of the services and contents of this PORTAL is not allowed.

- The Web page in which the link is established will not include any trademark, commercial name, establishment sign, certificate, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs that belong to EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, except those specifically authorized.

- Under no circumstances EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS will be held responsible of the contents or services at public disposal in the Web page from where the link is established and/or information and statements included in them.


EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS does not make any warranty or is responsible, in any case, for damages of any nature that could be caused by:

- The unavailability of the Web, lack of maintenance and effective functioning and/or its services or contents.

- The existence of viruses, malicious programs or anything detrimental in the contents.

- The illicit use, negligent, fraudulent, contrary to the present General Conditions, good faith, and uses generally accepted or public order, of the Web site, its services or contents, on the part of the USERS.


The present General Conditions will be govern by Spanish laws.


If the USER, or a third party, considers that has been a breach in his legit intellectual property rights due to the introduction of a particular content in the Web, he must notify this event to EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS indicating:

- The personal information of the person who owns the rights allegedly infringed, or specify the representation with which is acting in case the complaint is submitted by a third party.

- The contents protected by the intellectual property rights and their location in the Web.

- Certification of the mentioned intellectual property rights.

- Express declaration in which the interested party takes responsibility of the truthfulness of the notified information.


EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, as it is reflected in its “PRIVACY POLICY”, which you can consult next, has adopted the levels of security adequate to the processing and storage of the data, incorporating the means and technical measures at its disposal to guarantee its confidentiality, prevent its misuse, loss, alteration, unauthorized access and theft.


The data controller of the files that contain personal information collected through this Web ( is EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS with Tax Identification Code B85209138 and address at C/ Cartagena, 164 of B, MADRID 28002, SPAIN.

In EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS we base our activity on the respect for the truth and the persons’ privacy and, therefore, the means used to accomplish it. To meet these objectives, the activities related to the collection, use and transfer of information with personal data have to be treated in a responsible and rational way, wishing to inform you about our policy in relation to these activities.

In this sense and based on the terms stipulated in the current regulations and specifically Article 3 of the Fundamental Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection, we want to inform you that for EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, “Personal Data” is any information related to an individual which identifies him, direct or indirectly (making him identifiable) and which in the possession of EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS such as name and surnames, email address, telephone nº, and so on.


EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS Web page is not directed to minors (remember that if the User is younger than fourteen, he will need the consent of his parents or guardians. It will be necessary to ask them to confirm that they are the parents or guardians and that they consent. From that moment we will accept his application as USER).

Generally, you can visit the Web of EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS without the need to give any Personal Data. However, to access some spaces in our Web, send comments through our contact questionnaire or if you wish to receive more information about the products or services sold by EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, register as USER creating an account in the Web and be able to buy online, request our products catalogue, contact us through email or subscribe to our Newsletter, it might be necessary to know personal data and it will be requested. The USER will be free to provide them or not.

In the case that this data is requested but not provided, the USER will not have the possibility of benefiting of these functionalities offered by our Web and others that might be incorporated in the future.

However, if the USER gives any type of personal information to EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS Web, he must provide true and updated data. He understand and gives unequivocally his consent to the collection and processing of this information, which will be incorporated into a "file" registered at the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos by EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, S.L. with the following objectives:

- Contact. To notify you via SMS of the reception of your order, answer the questions made through our Web, via telephone or email:

- NewsLetter. To subscribe to be informed about our offers, news and changes related to our products. Through our Newsletter and at any other time, the USER will be able to update or terminate his subscription.

- Users/Clients. You can register as USER creating your account in the Web and have access to our products catalogue and select what you wish to purchase.

- Online Purchase. In this case you must register (see section “how to buy”) filling the pertinent form and after you have selected the items to purchase, you must select how to process the payment (see “delivery conditions”). Nevertheless, the payment method will be the same as agreed before if you have already purchased from us, unless you indicate otherwise.

To pay for your order with VISA or MasterCard we will request your card number, expiry date and security code. We guarantee the data security through approved SSL encrypting protocols. Remember that all the information you sent through this form will be protected by the encrypting system Secure Socket Layer. This system encrypts data in such a way that if another person gets hold of this data, he will not be able to read it because he does not have the necessary password. We do not keep information about the card. If you prefer it you can provide this information through telephone or fax.

The information about our clients is essential in our business and we do not participate or agree to sell it to a third party. EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS only shares this information with service suppliers with which it has subscribed Data Processing contracts (according to the article 12 of the Protection Data Fundamental Law), to carry out specific tasks in our behalf and enable us to offer the contracted service. These tasks may include: carry out orders, send parcels or processing payments with credit cards. They will have access to the minimum personal information necessary to perform their tasks, but will not use it for other purposes, having to handle this personal information according to the mentioned above.


It is possible that EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS might find itself under the legal obligation to disclose Personal Data in compliance with subpoenas, mandates or court orders in any of the countries where we develop our business activity. We will disclose your Personal Data with the aim of abiding the Conditions of Use of our Web or in emergency situations to protect personal safety, the general public or the Web.


EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS Web can give access to other Webs, including EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS official profiles in Social Networks, informing you that when you click on those links you will be redirected to a page of which EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS is not responsible. Remind you that with the objective of processing your payment you will be redirected to the Web “” of which EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS is not responsible.

You should be aware that the owners of these external Webs external to EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS can collect, use or transfer your Personal Data under different conditions and terms. When you contact one of these Webs, we recommend you to read its privacy policy, general use conditions or how they use their cookies as we cannot control the way in which these Webs use the personal information you disclose. The official profiles of EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS in Social Networks have been created so that you have a better knowledge about our activities and to create an alternative communication channel with people interested in our company.


EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS uses the latest and most varied technological and legal means available, with the aim of avoiding the alteration, loss, wrongful use or destruction of Personal Data collected, used and transferred. However, we inform you that, due to the open, uncertain and unsafe nature of internet, EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS cannot be held totally responsible of the safety of Personal Data transmissions in the net. Nonetheless with the aim of offering you the maximum guarantees in this matter, we often check the implemented technological measures.

EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS hereby informs the USER of the use of cookies in the present Web page. These cookies are temporary files inserted automatically in the USER’s equipment, which allow us to offer the USER a personalised content. Although the cookies we use are anonymously associated to the USER as well as his equipment, they do not provide any reference to the USER’s personal data. In any case, if the USER deems it necessary, he will be able to change the configuration of his computer (tool bar in the browser) deactivating or eliminating all the cookies.


You can contact us whenever you wish to make any enquire about our Privacy Policy and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancelation and disagreement. In order to do this, please, send us an email to: or write a letter to: EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS, S.L. address at C/ Cartagena, 164 of B, MADRID 28002, SPAIN, attaching copy of an Official identity document.

EDICIONES ASIMÉTRICAS will proceed to update, correct and/or delete you Personal Data complying with the submitted request.

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