Cuadernos romanos

When facing contemporary challenges, we often dismiss the past as anachronistic and seemingly useless. We ignore the fact that, despite the distance in time, we share many concerns, worries, desires and values with past civilisations. Their legacy is still of enormous value, but an arduous task of prospecting and rereading is necessary in order to reach the source of this knowledge that has been sedimented under layers and layers of time and matter.

This is how Andrés Cánovas guides us through this series, the fruit of his own research and physical experience of the place, uncovering various episodes of the architecture of ancient Rome. Each instalment is an escape to one of the key works of this sublime city: the Ara Pacis, Villa Adriana, the Roman domus or the Pantheon, among others. All of them are described in depth and with insight, accompanied by a new infographic that facilitates their understanding and visual reading.

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Un paseo por Villa Adriana cr#2 - Andrés Cánovas

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El Ara Pacis y la ambiguedad dimensional cr#1 - Andrés Cánovas

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