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Arquitecturas del devenir, Aproximaciones a la performatividad del espacio - Fernando Quesada

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For many authors the idea of the becoming has been the object of studies and also a source of inspiration in philosophical discourses. From the Pre-Socratics to Gilles Deleuze more recently, the thought that attempts to go beyond analysis, description or reproduction of the real, with the clear objective of transforming it without introducing stable constrictions, has taken the becoming as the main figure, on some occasions with full prominence, on others in an underground manner. In the field of architecture, which is a discipline with enormous possibilities of transforming the real, a discourse of the becoming has not been so usual. When this sort of discourse has turned up in architectural spheres the tendency has been either to present a possible architectonic becoming as a merely adaptive positive process; that is in the plane of the superstructure in Marxist terms or it has been done in the structural plane from a negative assessment; that is as a purely coercive device. This collection of essays wants to look into a third via, which only appears from the previous ones which must necessarily precede it, by vaguely introducing a critic apparatus that architectural discourses have been incorporating only very recently from scenic arts: the category of the performative.

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