Hambre de arquitectura - Santiago de Molina

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Has architecture died? After the era of show architecture is it possible to start again? Today, when virtuality takes on innumerable victims in the form of souls without body, the reality offered by architecture gives us a firm grip in the unstoppable descent towards the immaterial. Architecture allows us to feel a special continuity with the world. By making us conscious of the elemental facts of life or revealing its mere relation with the universe, architecture becomes present.

Few 'bites of reality' can be savoured in just one day, but we still feel the need to go back home after a long day and sit in front of trillions of back-illuminated ones and zeros at sixty hertz. Like a puddle that forces our steps and makes us jump over it, the real stimulate us as an experience. Architecture and the city have become the penultimate refuge of reality, a haven where we feel alive: that is the architecture that life demands.

Perhaps architecture will not be necessary when it stops offering what Sartre called 'aesthetic joy', that is, a special kind of pleasure man procures by improving himself with the knowledge of his surroundings and of himself. But that time without joys has not come yet. This book by Santiago de Molina is an invitation to confirm that the most proper field of action of architecture is precisely man in his everyday life. That architecture has a long future. That there is still hanger of architecture, of course, but of real architecture.

Santiago de Molina is an architect and a teacher, who received an Outstanding Award for his PhD, he combines his teaching work with his work in his architecture office. His built works were selected in the Spanish Architecture and Planning Biennale in 2013. He has published two books Arquitectos al margen and Collage y Arquitectura, the latter was selected in the FAD prizes of Architecture and Criticism 2015. With Ediciones Asimétricas he has published the title Múltiples estrategias de la arquitectura.


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