Sospecha de estiércol - Josep Llinàs

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According to the artist Perejaume, the concept of "sospecha de estiércol" (manure suspicion) is based on the conviction that the ultimate end of every human work is disappearance, including those works destined for an extraordinary duration. In this sense, the oblivion sack where all works end up is compared to manure agricultural deposits that, as indiscriminate storehouses of organic residues, constitute in turn a nutritious substratum, an origin of fertility which, with time, will give birth to new works.

In this essay by Josep Llinàs looks into this "manure suspicion" applied to one of the most enigmatic works by the architect Josep Maria Jujol: Casa Mañach, ironmongery located in the centre of Barcelona, built in 1911 and which disappeared years later. In an original combination, between historical essay and iconographic analysis, Llinás not only replaces this work by Jujol into the position that is appropriate for it, but demonstrates that, despite its brief existence, Casa Mañach contains that unique vital substratum capable of giving birth to other new works.

Josep Llinás is an architect. He has been a professor at the architecture school in Barcelona ETSAB) and the Universitat Ramon Llull, as well as being invited to numerous courses and workshops in Spain and Europe. He was the coordinator of the exhibition Josep Maria Jujol (COAC, Barcelona, 1991) and in several occasions has written about Jujol’s work. In 2002 he published his compilation of writings Saques de esquina.


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