Múltiples estrategias de Arquitectura - Santiago de Molina

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Architecture has something that is capable of delighting those who go into its crooks. Many will say that is an inaccessible and incommunicable path. This text will not contradict them completely. However, within this dark jungle it is possible to find clearings where the strategies of architecture are an explicit way of communication and learning. It is possible to discover architecture inside and out of the classroom. Life surrounds us with secret and extraordinary spaces that only require attention from us. Streets, stones and cities whisper their sense to those ready to open their eyes to architecture.

I suppose that as any teacher –and not all the students, I have always felt with uneasiness the instant in which each class finished where you see architecture with that gaze. How to extend the learning beyond the classroom? This book is the result of that concern. As a ramification of the course these texts come into being to save memories and complete what was said there. Then the set of texts became something else, almost a novel or an essay. Although I would like to believe that they still maintain the sense of dialogue from which they come. On the other side of each text there is someone who makes a question, and each line tries to go deeper into them rather than to answer them dogmatically. The task of answering, perhaps the rest corresponds to each reader, to every built work and to the eternal student of architecture who is, some times without knowing it, the inhabitant of squares, houses and landscapes.

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