Architecture du Nouveau Réalisme - Phillipe Rahm; Phi Nguyen (dirs.)

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This book is the result of a workshop, a collaboration between the Interior Architecture branch of HEAD and the Geneva Museum of Art and History. Students are invited here to work on the architectural foreshadowing of the transformation and extension of the Museum, which will be the subject of an architectural competition next year. The work will help define the program for the museum’s competition and will allow reflection on the invention of a new museum model for the 21st century.

The philosophy of the Energy and Climate Workshop is to enhance the energy and climate logic that intervenes in the definition of architectural forms, functions and techniques as well as in the choice of materials. While these issues have been treated in a secondary way by postmodernism of the late twentieth century, access to fossil fuels having been easy and cheap, they take a central place in the current climate and health crisis. These considerations force us to rethink the very process of architectural projects and their capacity to generate both a new aesthetic and new social behaviors.


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