La diva en casa, arquitectura para artistas - Adam L. Bresnick

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How do divas live? Avoiding the vulgar and ordinary mansions predictably kitsch where stars usually live, Adam L. Bresnick selects several houses owned by famous stars or divas that were designed by prominent architects. Commissioned houses, singular and unrepeatable like their owners, made to measure the bustling and hypertrophied personality of the stars.

If the home is usually the sphere of intimacy of its inhabitants, in these houses the difference between private and public is blurred. The theatricality and the scenographic character distinctive of the spaces where the stars shine before the public deeply impregnate their dwellings. The house becomes a stage that counts with sophisticated devices of exhibition and differentiation.

This book also looks into the relationship between two egos, sometimes tense and difficult, to impose their criteria: the ego of the star, dazzling and extraordinary, and the architect’s ego, determined to establish architectonic ideas that are part of a personal thinking system. Both positions will be firmly defended. This is another fascinating journey proposed by Bresnick to find, in each case, the most approximate compromise between the desires of such special clients and the ‘forms with signature’ of renowned architects.

To exemplify these questions he chooses different periods and diverse professional occupations: Josephine Baker, exotic muse of the jazz era, and the austere and cosmopolitan Adolf Loos; the dancer and courtesan Madame Guirnard and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, the illuminist and neoclassical architect; the extravagant multimillionaire Charles de Beistegui and the revolutionary modernizer Le Corbusier, amongst other couples, run through these pages that finish with a truly peculiar case: the architect and star Philip Johnson commissioned his house to himself: a house with glass walls in which everything and everybody are constantly visible, in perpetual exhibition…


Adam Bresnick’s interview in El see


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