Kitchen Projects - VV.AA. J. Pérez Herreras y Carlos Labarta Aizpún (coords.)

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There is a huge saucepan hanging over the burner. They tell me that all good ideas need to cook, with the knowledge and command of a technique that ends up becoming the best architecture. The light given off lights up new spaces and places. From that fire, after an inner journey crossing gaps and through windows like one who discovers the hall, arises a new exterior. A new place, perhaps a new secret garden. A search for nature as the origin and framework of that good architecture. It is no surprise, architecture without a place is not architecture. On this inner journey from the burner to nature, there is an owl. Its mysterious look challenges us to discover things that others are not capable of seeing.

In the foreground, on top of a large table, I discover a collection of materials brought from those routes running around the world. Cooking a good project requires knowing about the world, which is just waiting to be discovered. Behind that table, and almost in front of the kitchen door, there is a young couple of architects. He is wearing an untidy black camisole and she is wearing a simple white shawl. They don’t have much time for a better attire. It doesn’t  matter, their temperance is elegant. Both look at me with pride. They seem sure of themselves, and proud of what they do and how they do it. They cook the architecture of coming days, their time, in the most hidden away room in the house. But they know that the origin is there, the home in a house that is permanently used as a room for a world of inevitable change.

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