BOS TAURUS is the source of much talk in the media. After the official presentation of the new title, Manuel Morales in Babelia  and Carmen R. Santos in ABC Cultural pay attention to this visual essay on the different worlds of bullfighting. 

BOS TAURUS [English Edition] is waiting for you. Click and enjoy.

BOS TAURUS by Ramón Zabalza takes the leap into international networks landing in Italy thanks to MINIMAPHOTOGRAPHICA.



NECROTECTÓNICAS  is running in the media thanks to Enrique Parra who reviews the book in PEDACICOS ARQUITECTÓNICOS.

Luis Sánchez Blasco in COSAS DE ARQUITECTOS and the blog VEREDES also talk about this new title.

The second title of the collection VENTANA IMPRESA is already available in book stores.

NECROTECTÓNICAS. Muertes de arquitectos, by osé Ramón Hernández Correa, is a special book [not only suitable for morbid fascination and architectonic gossip lovers] in which, with naughty changes of literary styles, we are told about the end of great architects to perhaps understand better their trajectories.

A collage of short stories and illustrations, created by Gema Hernández Correa, which combines reality and fiction to be able to tell the “true” stories to the most curious readers.



The presentation of the book Caricaturas by Alejandro de la Sota, was news in, an article illustrated with the photos of Juan Luís Jaén.

José Juan Barba, in Metalocus, reviews Caricaturas by Alejandro de la Sota. The review finishes with: "We can now see this less known hobby of Alejandro de la Sota collected in a wonderful book published by Asimétricas, with prologue by José Manuel López-Peláez, a book we recommend you, for which we congratulate its editors and which should not be missing in any library."

Great and affectionate review by Anatxu Zabalbeascoa in her blog Del tirador a la ciudad of the book Caricaturas by Alejandro de la Sota.

Abel Fernández Villegas reviews in Arquitectura Viva one of the latest novelties of Ediciones Asimétricas: Caricaturas by Alejandro de la Sota.

Caricaturas by Alejandro de la Sota reveals a little known facet of this master but which is intimately related to his architecture.

Thanks to the generous collaboration of Fundación Alejandro de la Sota, this book includes unpublished drawings of the author of many indispensable works.









¡Bendita vanguardia!is on Radio Euskadi by the hand of Juan Aguirre, who interviews the author, Eduardo Delgado Orusco, in a lively and interesting dialogue about the questions that marked the modernization of Spanish architecture.

Juicy and documented review of ¡Bendita Vanguardia! written by Carlos Irisarri in his blog Club de ArquiLectura. A highly recommendable blog for those interested in architecture books, by the way.

¡Bendita vanguardia! Arquitectura religiosa en España 1950-1975  by Eduardo Delgado Orusco, is the new title with which Asimétricas opens 2014.

A book that combines two apparently opposed concepts, vanguard and religion, but which paradoxically happened in unison in the second half of the twentieth century by the hand of great masters of Spanish architecture.

De la Sota, Fernández del Amo, Sáenz de Oiza or Fisac are some of the protagonists of this history of modernization.




Fredy Massad interviews Santiago de Molina, in his blog La viga en el ojo, about the book  Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura

Arquitectura Viva 159 talks about the publication of Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura.

Anatxu Zabalbeascoa dedicates a review, in her blog Del tirador a la ciudad, to the book Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura by Santiago de Molina.
Arquilecturas includes the book Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura by Santiago de Molina in its TOP 10 ARCHITECTURE BOOKS of 2013.

Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura by Santiago de Molina is already in international networks. Arquilecturas and Arquiscopio talk about the new title of Asimétricas.

We start a new collection, VENTANA IMPRESA, with the book Múltiples estrategias de arquitectura by Santiago de Molina.