The Secret Warp - Eduardo Delgado Orusco

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The secret warp is the invisible structure that architecture sustains, whatever its scale is, without subjecting it to formal constraints. It is the inner order of a complex reality that refers to a noble jobat the service of individuals. They are the subtle threads that tie architecture to a place and a time and thereby guarantee its authenticity. It is the pentagram for a very quiet music that admits variations in its interpretation.

Eduardo Delgado Orusco, through his experience as an architect and as a professor, offer us in a few pages, accurate keys to approach architecture with the attentive and unprejudiced look of children and go beyond what is already known.

To those of us who have started the architteture career, whatever our stage in it, this book impels us to achieve the precise architecture, that architecture able to respond to the demandsof reality by accepting its imperfect beauty, that architecture that we simply need to build a better world.

From the foreword by Elisa Valero Ramos

Eduardo Delgado Orusco Eduardo Delgado Orusco is an architect and PhD in Architecture cum laude from the University of Madrid. His work as an architect has been awarded (Premios COAM, Premio xii BEAU, Finalista xiii BEAU, Madrid 100%, Archizinc, Big Mat, etc.) and published (Arquitectura, Arquitectura Viva, On Diseño, Bauwelt, C3, Future, Pasajes, etc.) numerous times.  He is also author of numerous articles on contemporary art and architecture. He is currently teaching in the Department of Architectural Design at the University of Zaragoza.

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