Lighting Systems in Building Design - AA.VV. [Bilingual Edition]

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This manual aspires to be a useful guide for students and professionals who are involved in the design of lighting installations of buildings, by joining theorical concepts and practical examples. This is a didactic book written in an accessible, clear and concise language.

In the present document the authors, members of a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, explain the design of lighting systems in a visual and didactic way. The first chapter details the most important parameters of lighting technology. Chapters 2 and 3 present the correlation between the eye, the light, and the colour, other the fundamentals of lighting design, its units of measurement, and the concepts relevant to colour temperature, colour rendering index, together with the comprehension of curves and diagrams provided by manufacturers. The fourth chapter explains the calculating methods of indoor lighting and the lighting systems, by means of useful and practical examples in which the number of light spots are established according to the indoor lighting values that are determined by regulation. Throughout the fifth chapter the requirements to be complied by the energy efficiency values relevant to the indoor lighting installations can be found. The sixth chapter is dedicated to the method of nine points and the method of lumens for outdoor lighting. The senventh chapter provides strategies to harness sunlight through architectural design, and the last one, the eighth section, presents the lighting levels required by the UNE-12464-1 regulation. 

It must be highlighted that this book is published both in Spanish and English. Special attention has been paid to the selection of technical vocabulary in both languages. This will allow the reader to collaborate with international teams and to integrate into them.


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